Review: The Broken Places by Russell Franklin

In his moving debut novel, The Broken Places, Russell Franklin tells the story of Ernest Hemingway’s youngest child, who was known variously as Gregory or Gloria, and lived from 1931–2001. From the tumultuous ’30s to the end of the 20th century, the reader is taken on a serpentine journey, punctuated by rejection and resilience, despair and hope.Continue reading “Review: The Broken Places by Russell Franklin”

In Defence of Criticism: A Short Essay

To Criticise or Not To Criticise? You hear criticism and you probably don’t think much of the term (or you may be suspicious) — if that is the case, you are not without reason. We often use the word “criticism” in the negative. For instance, you might have said: “I didn’t like how X criticisedContinue reading “In Defence of Criticism: A Short Essay”

We are all bitched from the start: A Review of the Hemingway Letters, Volume 5.

When one thinks of Ernest Hemingway, two images usually spring to mind. There is the familiar Ernest of the 1920s in Paris: youthful, energetic, courageous and fearless, with dimples in his cheeks; an image perpetuated by the author himself in his posthumous memoir A Moveable Feast. Then there is the seminal image of Papa Hemingway inContinue reading “We are all bitched from the start: A Review of the Hemingway Letters, Volume 5.”