The Person Behind The Name.

The world is changed because you are made of ivory and gold. The curves of your lips rewrite history.

-Oscar Wilde, the Picture of Dorian Gray

So, what does the name of our blog say about us? Could it possibly define us or at least indicate part of our nature even if it is 1% of who we are? Or likewise could it not be a mere device of how we want to be defined and recognized?

I am almost certain that both options are plausible. It depends on the writer and the reader and of course, their perspective. The name of the blog will not define the blogger but the blog itself. And there is only so much you can tell from one’s writing.

And that quote, that quote that has followed me for two years now has not left my head ever since I read the Picture of Dorian Gray ( and the rest of the things are quite memorable too, though let me say if I can relate to someone in the book that is Basil. ) But to name my blog of ivory and gold seemed like the right thing to do. It had such a charming sound to it, I was almost immediately attached to it that I realized to simply give my last name to my blog would not do.

My last name does not always represent me, after all despite the fact that is always the same. My thoughts and views are as inconsistent as the moon. The substance may stay the same but it is in constant motion. But that quote, of ivory and gold, has been carved well into my memory. One of the things that may stay the same, I dare say as my fondness for that quote has yet to fade and if anything, my love for it only grows.

Fun fact #1Athena Parthenos, a sculpture made by Phideas, was made of Ivory and Gold and Athena’s helmet resembled a Sphinx. The more you know!

So, this is how I wanted something of mine to be: made of Ivory and Gold, something that I will hold dear, something that will mean the world to me. It is not me that is made of Ivory and Gold, of course. I would like to believe myself as a sensible being (the fact that I believe myself to be sensible doesn’t mean I am) but I am sensible enough to know I will never be of Ivory and Gold. Nonetheless, I will still admire its beauty, its glory, its magnificence, for I will always be humbled by perfect art when the artist is imperfect. It is quite the irony of life.

The quote was written by a mere admirer of Dorian’s but I heartily believe in Basil’s eyes Dorian was made of Ivory and Gold. The representation of Aestheticism in flesh and bone — Dorian was a piece of art, art for art’s sake. He was pleasing to the senses, a young corrupted Adonis. He served no other purpose. Basil could have made him live through the time, make him immortal like Dorian could have made Sibyl immortal through her art. We are not made of ivory and gold but art is. Art is a piece of heaven — since the man could not reach it, we created it. It is and always will be charming, freeing in a sense, for it does not belong in the world of objects but rather in the world of ideas.

Have you ever sensed that our soul is immortal and never dies?

-Plato, Republic

We are restless beings, always searching, observing, creating. We always want more but we often don’t know what that more is. Like I have said before, it is all a matter of perspective. And art will play an important role in my blog, along with stories, thoughts.  Art is so important to us as the air we breathe but why is it so important? Why a book can change your point of view or rather affect you so? Why was art banned at some points throughout history? And what of the banned books? Where there is art, there once was a civilization. Art often implies development. It is the amelioration of life by simply existing. This was basically the entire idea when I was creating this blog, to write about things that satisfy a part of me that is still growing, to learn through others’ words and to learn myself better, how growing will affect me.

And yet a fear of mine lurks still: that I may put too much of myself into it and then I know that this could easily be my unbecoming.

Fun Fact #2: This blog was initially named hashtagbliss (#bliss) but after some reflection and two sleepless nights, I figured that this title could easily make me lose interest in my own blog. I wanted something that will represent my state of mind, my thoughts, my ideals. 

And yes, ladies and gentlemen, this was how came into existence. I look forward to reading  from your perspective!

Blogging101 Day 2: Completed! 

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2 thoughts on “The Person Behind The Name.

  1. Love the name change of the web address, much more continuity and really reflects the feel of your blog!

    1. I really thought so too! It was kind of a big change but I think it was worth it. Glad you like it! ❤

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